DP20 Smart Pump Drive

DP20 Smart Pump Drive

PD20 Smart Pump Drive Series is a new generation of high-end intelligent integrated ultra-high protection water supply special products independently researched & developed by SAJ. The product body is dustproof and waterproof, and can be installed on various brands of pump motor terminal boxes, and can be accessed in various types of sensor signal. Featuring simple operation, good reliability, low noise and high performance, the system is equipped with dual independent RS485 interface, independent RTC, can achieve multi-pump control for both the main and auxiliary pumps; when the main machine controls the auxiliary machine through RS485, communication with other smart device or host computer can be achieved through another RS485.

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Control characteristic
Control mode V/F control
Start torque 1Hz 100%
Speed regulation range 1:20
speed-holding precision ±1.0%
Overload capability 120% rated current for 60s, 150% rated current for 1s
V/F curve Linear, squared curve
Acceleration/deceleration time Range: 0.1-800s
Input voltage 220V/380V±15%
Input frequency range 50/60Hz, fluctuation range: ±5%
Output voltage 0-rated input voltage
Output frequency 0~50/60Hz
Peripheral interface
Programmable digital input 2 digital input
Communication interfaces Equipped with one isolated RS485, and one extended Rs4885
Programmable analog input Dual circuit, it can be set as voltage or current input by setting parameters;input voltage range0-10V; input current range 0/4-20mA
Analog power 4-13,+24V dual power
Relay output 1 output, programmable
Open collector output 1 output, programmable
Analog output Reserved
Basic functions
Command running channel Four kinds of channels: 1. operation panel 2. control terminal 3.serial communication port, choose 1 and 2 for host drive and 3 for auxiliaries 4. pressure of water inlet
Internal clock LCD keyboard built-in RTC
Integrated PID Advanced PID arithmetic to realize closed loop control system
Host and auxiliary drive connection Extensible dual RS485 design, One drive in the system can be host and controls auxiliaries (5 at most) to work by communication mode. Host sends PID feedback to auxiliaries and monitors status of auxiliaries in real time. If failure occurs, the auxiliary will be skipped. The host can control auxiliaries and communicate with upper computer through the extended RS485 at the same time.
AVR When grid voltage changes, it keeps output voltage constant automatically. By default, it doesn’t work at deceleration.
Stall control Automatically limit current and voltage at running period to prevent tripping caused by frequent overcurrent/over voltage.
Password setting 4-bit password can be set with non-zero numbers. Exit password setting interface and the password will be valid after 1 minute.
Parameter lock Define whether the parameter is locked in running or stopped state in case of misoperation.
Pump control
Automatic energy-saving Decrease output voltage automatically at light load to save energy.
Constant pressure control PID adjustment, PID feedback of break detection, PID sleeping and wakeup
Self-starting at power on Optional self-starting at power on, adjustable starting delay
Anti-freezing Anti-freezing running frequency, time and cycle
Water leakage inspection Optimize sleeping control by water leakage inspection
Water supply protection
High pressure alarm Detect feedback pressure to protect pipe network
Low pressure alarm Detect feedback pressure to protect pipe network and pumps
Water shortage protection Multiple water shortage protection detection modes (including no sensor mode) Controller detects that pipe network pressure is lower than water shortage pressure, system stops working automatically. After set period,it restarts automatically for specified times. If pressure restores to normal, system works normally. Otherwise, system stops automatically in case of idle running of pump and prolongs pump lifetime in maximum.
Application environment
Installation environment Installation environment should have be without direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, inflammable gas,oil mist, steam, water drop
Altitude Lower than 1000m, service in derated capacity above 1000m. Derate 1% capacity every 100m increase in height.
Environmental temperature -10℃~+40℃, service in derated capacity for 40℃~50℃. Derate 4% capacity every 1℃ increase in temperature.
Vibration <5.9/S2(0.6G)
Storage temperature -40℃~+70℃
Model Voltage class kW HP Rated input current (A) Rated output current (A) Size No.
PD20-4T1R5 Three Phase 380VAC ±15% 1.5 2 5 3.7 1
PD20-4T2R2 2.2 3 5.8 5 1
PD20-4T004 4 5 10 9 2
PD20-4T5R5 5.5 7 15 13 2
PD20-4T7R5 7.5 10 20 17 2
PD20-4T11 11 15.0 26 25 3
PD20-4T15 15 20.4 35 32 3
PD20-4T18R5 18.5 25.2 38 37 3