ZLB/ZLQ Series Single-Stage Vertical Flow Pump

ZLB/ZLQ Series Single-Stage Vertical Flow Pump


Model ZLB (Q) axial-flow pumps are single stage, vertical type. This pump has low head but large capacity, so ZLB (Q) pumps are chiefly used for agricultural irrigation and drainage, also suitable for water circulation in power plant, municipal water supply, water level changing of dock and other water conservancy projects. The pumps can deliver clean water or other liquids with the same physical and chemical properties as water. The application range is wide, the temperature of liquid pumped should be no more than 50℃.



Municipal engineering, hospital, farmland irrigation and drainage, conservancy project, Industrial water supply system, building, hotel, dock


◆  Capacity: 550-43200 m3/h

◆  Head: 2-8 m

◆  Outlet diameter: 350-1600 mm

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Comprehensive Performance Curve

Structural feature

1. Installing

◆  Single foundation: pump and motor are installed in the same foundation with outlet above or under foundation.

◆  Double foundation: pump and motor is separately installed in itself foundation with outlet between the two foundations.

2. Pump shaft is made of high grade carbon steel and is supported by two rubber or plastic bearings with water as a lubricant.

3. Shaft sleeves are equipped at where need to be wear resistance. They are coated with chromium in order to upgrade the anti-corrosive and anti-wearing erect.

4. If necessary, capacity and head of the pump can be changed by changing speed or adjusting vane angle according to performance curve table.

5. The axial force of pump is borne by the thrust bearing of motor or of pump.
ZLB(Q)Typical structure drawing

1.Suction bell              2.Impeller assembly         3.Impeller casing          4.Rubber bearing         5.Diffuser casing          6.Pump shaft

7.The water pipe         8.Packing component      9.Coupling                  10.Driving part             11.Regulating rod        12.Base
Typical installation type

1.Double base installation

The structure has been widely used in small and medium-sized irrigation and drainage pumping station, also for dock. Motor and pump are separately arranged on the two bases. Usually pump takes the axial force, the motor is installed above the pump driven device (foundation).


2. Single base installation

The pump and motor constitute a whole direct connection type structure, the pump is installed on the base. Pump shaft and motor shaft are connected through rigid coupling. The installation method can reduce the amount of civil engineering and costs.

3. Open type installation

Usually for low head pumping station, with simple structure.