GLN Series Vertical Multistage Long Shaft Pump

GLN Series Vertical Multistage Long Shaft Pump


GLN series high efficiency vertical multistage long shaft pump keeps high efficiency, good cavitations performance, rational structure, long operation life and easy and convenience maintenance and installation.


The products are widely applied to condenser of 50-1000 MW generation set for delivering condensate water, and also applicable to water supply and drainage project which demands high suction performance, high efficiency and high head.

Performance range

◆  Capacity:120~2200 m3/h
◆  Head:36~360 m
◆  Temperature:≤80℃,Special requirements can be achieved for up to 120℃
◆  Speed:1480 r/min
◆  Suction diameter:250~900 mm

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Comprehensive Performance Curve

Structural feature


The construction has advantage of high efficiency, good cavitations performance, advanced construction, long operation life and convenience in installation disassembly (Patent no. ZL2 0092031162.5)


Single or double cartridge mechanical seal without any leakage while starting, running and stopping.

The seal has long operation life, convenience in assembly and disassembly, and simple maintenance.

3.Balance drum

Have marked results of axial force balancing, which is reliable, decrease load of thrust bearing and improve operation life.

Spiral seal construction is designed that leakage is small and volumetric efficiency is high.

4.Barrel casing

Complete negative pressure design that has good rigidity and stable operation.

Axial location is set for column pipe that prevent casing from horizontal swing and improve operation stability.

Guide vane is set on the bottom of column pipe that improve suction flow condition of first stage impeller, and further improve cavitations resist performance of pump.

5.Sleeve coupling

Patent technical (Patent no. ZL200820052182.7) of sleeve coupling with concentric reducer is adopted which have good centering function and convenience in assembly and disassembly.


Design of double discharge or three discharge spiral type flow channel is adopted that balance radial force, and make operation more stable.

Metal mould, accurate and digital machining are adopted that pump has steady flow velocity and low loss.

7.Thrust bearing part

Patent technique of thin oil self lubrication (Patent no. ZL200820052437.X), infuse oil online, sealing is stable without leakage.

Limits design in both send that avoid starting instant axial movement upward.

Heavy-duty bearing and water cooling construction are adopted that have long operation life.

Axial location of rotor can be adjusted, and set with online vibration and temperature monitoring devices.

8.Impeller, stage casing(diffuser)

Location design moved upward, close to driven end which improve rigidity of pump and may decrease vibration, and improve pump unit operation stability.

There is no back seal ring and balance hole designed for impeller which has high volumetric efficiency.

Radial diffuser is adopted for pump with mall capacity, and space diffuser is adopted for pump with big capacity that has high hydraulic efficiency.

9.Guide bearing

Polymers material adopted that friction coefficient is small, and have function of vibration absorption, and long operation life.

Sufficient groove for lubricating water is designed that have good cooling and lubricating.

Patent technical of location (Patent no. ZL200820052433.1) is adopted that without any loose, and assembly and disassembly is convenient.

10.Rotor part

Design thickened that have good rigidness and high critical speed.

Strictly balance tested that operation is more stable.

11.First stage impeller

Excellent double suction hydro model is adopted that have high efficiency and wide high efficiency range, and good cavitations performance.

Cavitations resist material is adopted for ensure good cavitations resist performance.

Metal mould, accurate and digital machining are adopted that pump have high efficiency.