BQS Series Mining Anti-Explosion Submersible Pumps

BQS Series Mining Anti-Explosion Submersible Pumps


BQS series mining anti-explosion submersible pumps is developed with a high efficient performance. This pump has been comprehensively optimalized and innovatively designed on hydraulic model, seal technology, mechanical structure, protection, control and other sides. Compare with similar products, this pump is reliable, light and practical, with good sewage sediment performance, with long life and other advantages .Family performance curve of whole series of this product is reasonable and convenient for selection.


Coal mining face, roadway, sump, central reservoir, engineering rescue, bottom row mine flooding risk, temporary rescue and unfixed installation. 

Performance range 
◆  Capacity:10-500 m3/h
◆  Head:7-200 m
◆  Diameter:50-200 mm

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Structural feature


Specially designed submersible motor with IPX8 protection class, F class insulation, allowing temperature rise. Under normal conditions, motor with long insulation life, good cooling effect. While actual temperature rise is low to get longer motor life.


Casing is made of steel, cast iron or other materials with small size, anti-collision compressive, reliable, sturdy and durable.

3.Hydraulic model

Using performance- optimized impeller to get smooth operation, non-clogging and strong desilting capability. This pump has the non-overload (full head) characteristics which means that input power will not exceed motor power in any operating point. It’s suitable for any occasions in coal mine.


Using MT818.5-1999 coal flame retardant cable with special sealing structure to avoid water into inner of motor.


Lower double row angular contact ball bearings with good carrying capacity make up a reliable support together with the upper deep groove ball bearing. The support has good carrying margin to the radial force, thrust force and other force during operation to ensure the pump unit with smooth operation and long life.

6.Seal system

Motor shaft seal uses two independent tandem mechanical seals to get two reliable seal defense. Bellows-type mechanical seal and new designed structure chamber much increased the reliability of the shaft seal.