HL/HLZ Series Single-Stage Vertical Mixed Flow Pump

HL/HLZ Series Single-Stage Vertical Mixed Flow Pump


Type HL、HLZ pumps are designed to handle clear water or any other kinds of liquids with similar physical and chemical properties to water, so they are widely used for agricultural irrigation, transportation of circulation water in power plant, shipyard, municipal water supply and drainage and other fields. The temperature of the liquids pumped should be lower than 50℃.

Application field

Municipal engineering, hospital, farmland irrigation and drainage, conservancy project, Industrial water supply system, building, hotel, dock.

Scope of performance

◆  Capacity:440-8400 m3/h
◆  Head:3.4-20 m
◆  Inlet and outlet diameter of the pump in mm:300-800 mm

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Comprehensive Performance Curve

Product main structure and working principle

1.   Pump is made up of pump body parts and transmission parts.

2.   The pump body part covered by the pump shroud impeller, pump casing shaft, Shaft Sleeve, bearings, bearing casing, stuffing boxes and other components.

a.   There are two kinds pump shrouds: One is for the structure of the wet chamber, and another for the dry structure.

b.   Sleeve surface is coated with hard chromium to improve wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

c.   Shaft seal is packing seal, the stuffing is replaceable after wearing.

d.   Rubber bearings must connect to lubricate and cooling water before running ensure the bearing get adequate lubrication and cooling. Cycle route back to the pump body water by bearing upon return from the return pipe to the pump inlet and return pipe can be made of rubber or plastic tube.

3.   The transmission section is mainly composed of the motor bracket, the bearing box, the bearings in the base, the baseplate, the wedge plate, drive shafts and other components.  If necessary, can add middle transmission section. Pump axial force bears by transmission section.

4.   The intermediate shaft has both long and short. Length and numbers of intermediate shaft can be selected according to the size of L.

Product features

Excellent suction performance, high efficiency.  To adapt to the change of water level range, can be run in the dry or submerged in water environment.


The driving method

The HL type mixed flow pump usually driven by vertical motor by coupling or by diesel engine.



Clockwise view from inlet end, but 650 HL pump is counterclockwise.

Structure of the Type HL Pump

1.The main parts of the pump are inlet chamber, pump casing, impeller, pump shaft, bearing casing, rear cap ,motor bracket.

2.Pump and motor connects directly through coupling.

3.Pump is vertical, whole rotor assembly can be took out in a whole after remove the motor bracket for measurements, replacement and maintenance, without need to move the pump inlet and outlet pipeline.

4.Bearings in both ends is imported high-precision bearings, smooth running, low noise, long life. Grease lubricated.

5.Small vibration , low noise.

Outline installation of HL pump


1. Suction bell inlet or other way such like elbows, straight pipe.

2. According to the size L to decide if middle transmission section needed or not. Bearing is water lubricated.

3. Suction bell is at least (0.8-1.2)D lower than the lowest water level. Large pump take a small value, Small pump is opposite. D is outlet diameter.

Outline installation of HLZ pump