GS Series High Efficiency Single Stage Double Suction Centrifugal Pump

GS Series High Efficiency Single Stage Double Suction Centrifugal Pump


Type GS single stage double suction centrifugal pump have high efficiency and energy saving character. With wide Performance range, superior hydraulic performance and reasonable structure, the series of pumps have high efficiency and reliability, low cavitations and cost for maintenance.


GS series products are mainly used for deliver fresh water or other liquids similar to fresh water, the solid content is not more than 80mg/L, it also can deliver sewage, sea water and muddy water with little particle with adopting of anti-corrosion and anti-friction material. The products are widely applicable to supply & drainage system or cooling & circulating system for iron & steel, petrochemical, thermo power plant and mines industries, etc. and running water system for cities, circulating water for heating system, irrigation projects and various water conservation projects, fire systems, shipbuilding industry as well.

Performance range

◆  Capacity:135~38000 m3/h
◆  Head:12~205 m
◆  Temperature:≤80℃,cooling structure will be adopted for bearing, the material of casing & cover is QT500-7≤150℃
◆  Speed:370~2970 r/min
◆  Suction diameter:150~1800 mm

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Comprehensive Performance Curve

Structural feature


High quality mechanical seals, operating with no leakage for long time running.

Common structure has good interchangeability, which is suitable for mechanical seal, non-asbestos packing and injected soft packing as well.

Stainless steel shaft sleeve is convenient for maintenance.

Split packing cover has enough space for packing replacement. 

2.Protective cover

Split structure is safety and reliable that conforms to IE standard. 


Round water chamber design, with high efficiency.

Double volute water chamber is to balance radial force, with advantages of good strength, low force for bearing and sealing, long operation period.

Suction chamber is designed with guiding rib, with advantages of no whirl in suction, stable operating, noiseless and good cavitations performance.

Anti – friction and anti-corrosion painting is adopted for suction & discharge flow channel that have low hydraulic loss.

The pump cover is auto correct that convenient for installing.

The casing shell is designed with reinforcing rib that has good rigidity and appearance. 


Short span and enlarged diameter design are adopted that have stable operation and long operation period.

Grease lubricating is adopted for medium & small pump that infuse oil online.

Online vibration & temperature monitoring devices are provided to ensure safety operation.

Water cooling structure is suitable for high temperature liquids delivering. 


It is designed thicker that has good rigidity and stable operation.

Complete sealing design is adopted without connecting with liquids that convenient for maintenance.

Short time reverse rotation is allowable, and the shaft can be used for both rotations. 


It is designed with three-dimensional flow theory and CFD calculation & simulation that have advantages of high efficiency, wide high efficiency rang and good cavitations performance.

Equipped with remodeled impeller that has wide Performance range.

Adjacent vanes are interlaced design and V-type discharge that have advantages of good flowing, low pulsation, low vibration and high efficiency.

The seal ring is stepped designed that have low volume loss.

Metal mould, digital machining, and accurate roughcast are adopted.