HD/HDS/HDC Series Diffusion Mixed Flow Pump

HD/HDS/HDC Series Diffusion Mixed Flow Pump


The type HD、HDS、HDQ、HDC pumps are based on independent research and development technology which are especially suitable for varying level and high head applications. They are used for sending water at normal temperature or liquid which is similar to water in physical, chemical properties, generally not more than 50°C. For special liquid, please contact us to get solution for that.

Application field
Municipal engineering, hospital, farmland irrigation and drainage, water conservancy project, industrial water supply system, building, hotel, dock.


Scope of performance

◆  Capacity: 900-27000 m3/h
◆  Head: 5-20 m
◆  Discharge diameter: 350-above 1400 mm

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Comprehensive Performance Curve

Typical structure of diffuser mixed flow pump                                                 

  1. Suction bell
  2. Impeller assembly
  3. Impeller
  4. Rubber bearing
  5. Diffuser casing
  6. Pump shaft
  7. Elbow
  8. Packing unit
  9. Coupling
  10. Driving part
  11. Protect tube
  12. Deflector
  13. Column
  14. Exhaust valve

The main structural feature

Structure of type HD pump

HD pump is vertical shaft driven by vertical motor. It consists of a pump part and a transmission part, and both of them are directly connected into a whole by rigid coupling. The axial force of the pump is supported by the transmission part; or the pump is directly connected with the motor by rigid coupling and its axial force is supported by the motor.

Structure of the type HDS pump

  •   The performance of HDS pump is similar to HD pump, so do the overflow parts such as impeller、impeller casing and diffuser casing etc.
  •   HDS pump is with single foundation structure, and its outlet is above or under the foundation.
  •  Up and lower shafts are connected by the sub-half-clamp coupling, motor is connected with pump by the rigid coupling .The axial force usually be supported by the motor. It also can be supported by pump (diameter is smaller than 700), the adjusting nut between motor coupling and pump coupling is used to adjust the rotor axial gap.
  •  It adopts disk dry structure.

Structure of the HDC pump

  •  HDC pump is a single-stage, vertical, mixed flow pump and its rotor is removable.
  •  Installation method of equipment is that pump is directly connected with motor, pump and motor are installed on the same foundation.
  •  The suction tank of pump is generally dry pit (or wet pit, according to the requirement): to put the pump into the open tank directly.
  •   Intermediate bearing is a water-lubricated rubber bearing.
  •   A shaft protecting tube is used to protect shaft, which should be injected pressure clean water to lubricate the bearings.
  •  The axial force of pump is supported by motor (or by pump which diameter under 900mm ).

Typical installation type

Double base installation (HD)

This structure is often used in small and medium-sized irrigation and drainage pumping station, also used for water lifting the dock. Motors and pumps were installed in the upper and lower base above. General pump axial force, the motor is installed on the pump drive device (foundation).

Single base installation (type HDS)

The pump and motor constitute a whole direct connection type structure, the pump is installed on the base, pump shaft and motor shaft connected through rigid coupling. The installation method can reduce the amount of civil engineering, reduce costs.

Installation drawing for HDC type diffuser mixed flow pump

Usually the rotor and the pump body is an integral structure, maintenance must be the whole pump hanging out disassembly, convenient for examining and repairing, the pull-out type structure. The rotor parts (including the guide vane body), from the pump barrel and a discharge elbow out, both to avoid removing discharge pipe, and reduce the lifting weight.