HLB (K)/HD Series Vertical Mixed Flow Pump

HLB (K)/HD Series Vertical Mixed Flow Pump


vertical mixed flow pumps are energy-saving product with high efficiency, developed and designed by LEO according to national principles of energy saving and emission reduction to meet market demands. The series of products adopt advantages of both domestic and overseas similar products, and combine many years manufacturing experience of LEO, which keep products improving.


The series of product are suited to deliver clear water, rainwater, seawater and sewage, which application to power plant as circulating water pump, iron & steel plant and quay, water supply and drainage in city and irrigation project.

Performance range

◆  Capacity:0.5~20 m3/s
◆  Head:5~50 m
◆  Temperature:≤55℃
◆  Speed:245~1480 r/min

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Comprehensive Performance Curve

Structural feature

1.Packing seal

Split packing cover, convenient for assembling.

Inlet of cooling water is separated with vent that can exhaust air from guide column thoroughly.

Location device is designed for prevent rotor from axial movement upward that reduce vibration and ensure stable operation.


Thickening design, having good rigidness and high critical speed.

Matching parts are chromium plated that rust resist and convenient for assembly and disassembly.

Coupling parts with guide bearing and packing are assembled with shaft sleeve for protecting.

 3.Guide bearing

Rubber (erosion resist, seawater resist rubber), Thordon or AR material are applicable.

Sufficient groove for lubricating water is designed that have good cooling and lubricating.

When deliver liquids containing solid, there is an auto stopping seal device designed at end of lower guide bearing, to prevent liquids go into guide bearing box after stopping.(Paten NO. ZL200820052183.1)

 4.Impeller chamber

Impeller chamber and suction bell are designed with conical surface and cylindrical surface matching location that have good stability.

I-shaped anti-rotation block is designed outside impeller chamber where locked in related groove of lower column pipe, to prevent impeller chamber from rotation.

 5.Suction bell

Suction diameter is big, hydro loss is small.

Single arc design with prewhirl preventing rib, it has good hydro performance.

Suction chamber assembles with whirlpool resist block or oval shaped diversion mound, there  is no whirlpool in suction, and flow state is stable.

 6.Pump and motor coupling

Transfer torque and axial force, design safety factor is big.

Through turning of adjustable disk, clearance between impeller and impeller chamber can be adjusted without disassembling of motor.

 7.Guide shell, discharge elbow

Welded construction from multi pieces, hydro loss is small.

Reverse thrust location device designed for guide shell that reduce vibration.

Water diversion cross rib is designed on outlet of discharge elbow that make flow state stable.


Pump with diameter ≤1800mm, adopt sleeve coupling with concentric reducer which provided with special assembly and disassembly tools.(Patent no. ZL200820052182.7)

Pump with diameter ≥2000mm, adopt rigid coupling with complete sealed construction that very convenient for assembly and disassembly.



Both casting and welding construction are applicable.

Casting construction adopts metal mould, digital machining and accurate rough casting.

Welded diffuser vane are single arc shaped that have good hydro performance.(Patent no. ZL201220305242.8)



Excellent hydro model is adopted that have high efficiency and wide high efficient range, and food cavitations performance.

Various design available, open or enclose type and non-adjustable construction, or vane adjustable construction (Patent no. ZL200720065398.2 and ZL200920064520.3), which ensure high efficiency in different operation condition.

Metal mould, accurate roughcast and digital machining are adopted that pump have high efficiency.

Matching between Impeller and shaft adopt complete seal construction that convenient for assemble and disassemble. (Patent no. ZL200920064516.7)

Impeller is seriously tested for static balance and dynamic balance.