HW/HWG Series Horizontal Volute Mixed Flow Pump

HW/HWG Series Horizontal Volute Mixed Flow Pump

  • General

    Type HW、HWG pumps are horizontal, single stage, single suction, volute mixed-flow pumps. The pumps are designed to handle clear water or any other kinds of liquids with similar physical and chemical properties to water. They are widely used for agricultural irrigation, drainage, industrial or municipal water supply and drainage. The temperature of the liquids pumped should be lower than50℃.

    Municipal engineering, hospital, farmland irrigation and drainage, conservancy project, industrial water supply system, building, hotel, dock.

    Scope of performance

    ◆  Capacity:130-46800 m3/h

    ◆  Head:3.5-22 m
    ◆  Diameter:300-1600 mm

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  • Description


Structural feature

◆  Type HW, HWG pumps are composed of pump shroud, impeller, pump casing, shaft, shaft sleeve, and bearing case, etc.

◆  Pump shroud is a part which connects pump casing and inlet pipe. There should be a certain gap between the shroud and the impeller. If the gap is too small, rubbing action will occurs, and a big gap will result in too much return flow of liquid d from the high pressure side to the suction side of the impeller, which would decrease the efficiency of the pump. The gap can be adjusted by changing the thickness of paper gaskets, and its optimum suitable for service is 0.3-0.7mm.

◆  The shaft sealing package is made up of oil-filled asbestos packing, gland, sea cage, and stuffing box on the pump casing. Its function is to prevent air from getting into the pump and more water form coming out of the pump along the shaft.

◆  The shaft sleeve is used to prevent the shaft from rubbing with the packing stuff .the sleeve should be replace in time when it wears out.

◆  The pump shaft is supported by single-row annular contact ball bearings. The bearings can be oil lubricated and volume of oil kept between the lings on the oil level indicator, or grease lubricated by put grease into the bearing during assembling. Grease can be added from the front and rear end coves and oil to oil cup.

◆  The screwed hole on the top of pump casing is used for pouring prime water into the pump or connecting to a vacuum pump to evacuate air and draw up water.


◆  Simple construction, reliable operation

◆  Easy maintenance and repair

◆  High efficiency, small space and light weight


By electrical motor or diesel engine via pulley belt or coupling.
Sectional view of HW pump

Sectional view of HWG pump

Figure shape of HW pump and motor connected through coupling

Figure shape of HWG pump and motor connected through coupling