Q/QHD Series Electrical Submersible Pumps

Q/QHD Series Electrical Submersible Pumps


Q type submersible pumps including QZ axial flow submersible pump, QHD guide vane submersible pump and OHL volute submersible mixed flow pump to pump water or other liquid whose physical and chemical properties are similar to water.

Temperature of the liquid shall not exceed 40°C.


Civil engineering, hospitals, agriculture irrigations, hydraulic project, industrial water supply system, building and hotels.

Performance range 

◆  Capacity:550-43200 m3/h
◆  Head:2-20 m
◆  Diameter:350-1600 mm

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Comprehensive Performance Curve

Structural feature

1. Seal of cable

Unique cable seal design eliminates the hidden trouble of cable leakage.

2. Bearing

High quality disposable lubrication bearing offers worry-free operation.

3. Mechanical seal

Multi-tandem mechanical seal provides reliable and durable sealing performance and Max. abrasion and impact resistance.

4. Terminal box

Terminal box is completely separation sealed with independent seal assembly to the surrounding liquid to effectively avoid leakage caused by cable damage.

5. Motor

Squirrel cage induction motor, stator insulation class F (155 C) and each with overheating and overload protection, internal leakage and bearing temperature rise protection.

6. Shaft

Shaft is made of high quality stainless steel, rotor part to be balance tested.

7. Oil chamber

Oil chamber lubricates and cools the mechanical seal unit and also is extra leakage protection (internal leakage protection unit)

8. Hydraulic model

Smooth geometric profile, excellent hydraulic model ensure accurate hydraulic performance.