QG Series Propeller Pump

QG Series Propeller Pump


QG propeller pump has stable performance and high efficiency and the motor has three phases winding temperature alarm, bearing temperature alarm, oil leakage, leakage alarm protection to ensure electric pump more reliable operation. Pump and motor share one shaft, and the whole  structure is compact unit, easy installation and maintenance.



QG propeller pump, mainly for municipal water supply, flood control, irrigation drainage rescue in large and medium-sized water conservancy project, liquid temperature not exceeds 40℃; According to user requirements for water level automatic control, it’s equipped with automatic protection device and control cabinet, applied in a very wide range.



◆  Capacity :2880-25000 m3/h
◆  Head:1-6.5 m

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Comprehensive Performance Curve


◆  Big flow, low head, stable and reliable in performance,

◆  Pump and motor share one shaft and designed in one compact unit, can running in submersible type.

◆  Installation, maintenance is convenient, no loss working time consuming to find in the center of the field installation work,

◆  Because of submersible operation, can greatly simplify the pump station civil engineering, can save project total cost 30%-40%,

◆  Low noise, no high temperature in pumping station improve the operation environment,

◆  Can completely solve the head difference problem along the river, lake, district pumping station of motor flood control problem,

◆  Less auxiliary equipment, is helpful to realize automation management,

◆  Dispense intermediate transmission device, the unit is more safe and reliable.


◆  Temperature of transmitted medium: ≤40℃

◆  PH of transmitted medium: 4-10

◆  Volume ratio of the solid phase in transmitted medium: ≤2%

The pump rotary direction

Conventionally from the inlet end, the rotation direction is anticlockwise, can also as users’ requirement.

Other related introduction

According to different requirements from users, we can also adopt different structure forms to meet the requirements of these conditions

1. Built-in planetary reducer between motor and impeller

The reducer built-in within the propeller pump, motor, planetary reducer, impeller coaxial line, can choose high speed motor.

2. The bi-directional propeller pump

There are often some of the drainage pump stations that require replenishing water, the pump must be able to running forward and backward. For this requirement, bi-directional propeller pump will be applied. The advantage is to achieve forward and backward direction running only by changing the motor rotation without having to disassemble the pump.
Structure Diagram

Installation Drawing

Layout for pump station

Pump station installation drawing


1. The Minimum submerged depth should not only meet the size table, but also be 500 mm higher than inlet channel.

2. The size for the channel is calculated by the design institutes according to the specification, equipment model test will be implemented after preliminary determine device