Gasoline Engine Generator


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    • Easy Maintenance and Repairing
      All function keys are on one surface
    • Stronger Frame
      Welded only with two frame tubes,less weld more durability
    • Easier Battery Maintenance
      Battery is stationed in the upper part of frame,no need to crouch to reach battery

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    • Whole Curved Surface Design
      High strength fuel tank can bear up to 100kg weight
    • Robot Welding Frame
      To ensure appearance consistency,less welding mark
    • Less is More
      Simple design with all the necessary functions

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    • Intelligent System
      Able to equip high-tech features such as ATS,Mobile phone
      controlling and monitoring, remote starting, one key starting
    • Extra Large Fuel Tank
      Tank volume 20%bigger,longer working time
    • Pointer Type Fuel Level Indicator
      More durability and fuel level accuracy
    • Moving Without Gravity
      Even a woman can move it easily
    • Smart Throttle
      Fuel consumption saving morethan 10%