Vertical Multistage Pump

  • EVP

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    • Application
      Water supply: Pressure boosting for main pipes and high-rise buildings
      Industrial pressure boosting:Water system,cleaning system,high pressure
      washing system and firefighting system
      Pressure boosting for pressure tank, sprinkling irrigation and trichling irrigation
      ir conditioner, cooling system and industrial cleaning
    • Features
      Economic vertical multistage pumps
      Applicable for a wide scope of different temperatures,flow rates and pressure ranges
      Water inlet and outlet can be rotated for proper assembly in accordance with
      installation requirement
      Easy installation and maintenance
      Advanced hydraulic model design,featuring stable operation and high efficiency
      Cast iron water inlet and outlet with special anti-rust treatment
      High-strength engineering plastic flow passage components
      Reliable stainless steel welded shaft
    • Working Conditions
      Liquid temperature:+ 5℃~60℃
      Maximum ambient temperature:+ 40℃
      Maximum pressure: 15 bar
      Altitude:up to 1000 m
  • EVS

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    • Application
      Suitable for transferring liquids of low viscosity,non-inflammable and
      non-explosive,not containing solid particles or fibers.
      Water supply%drainage for high-rise buildings,filtration and transfer
      at waterworks,pressure boosting in main pipe.
      Washing and cleaning systems,boiler feeding,cooling water
      circulation,water treatment systems,auxiliary system,support equipemt.
      Ultra-filtration systems,reverse-osmosis systems.
    • Pump
      AISI304 Impeller,diffuser,barrel
      Stainless steel welded shaft
      Liquid temperature range:+ 4℃~+ 60℃
      Cast iron water inlet and outlet with special anti-rust treatment
      Liquid PH value:6.5-8.5
      Max.operation pressure:15 bar
      Altitude:up to 1000 m
      C&U bearing
    • Motor
      Motor with copper winding
      Insulation class: F
      Protection class:IP55
      Max.ambient temperature:40°C