Submersible Sewage Pump

  • WQ

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    • Application
      Wastewater drainage in factories,construction sites and commercial
      Drainage system in municipal sewage treatment plants.
      Drainage station in residential quarters.
      Municipal projects.
      Methane pools and field irrigation in countryside.
    • Pump
      Max. immersion depth: 5m
      Max. liquid temperature:+40oC
      CLiquid pH value: 6.5-8.5
      Max. liquid density: 1.3×103kg/m3
      Water temperature:up to 35oC
      Max.Immersion depth: 10m
      Allowed by the particle diameter: 20-80mm
    • Motor
      Copper winding
      Insulation class: B
      Protection class: IP68
  • SWP

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    • Applications
      Used In pressure sewage system.
      Drainage of wastewater from individual residences,
      apartment buildings, recreational developments, models.
      Transferring wastewater of commercial buildings,industrial plants,
      wastewater sampling, small hospitals.
      Schools, federal, state and local parks, wastewater drainage.
      To transfer various wastewater and sewage.
    • Features
      The pump has a semi-open impeller design with a reliable grinding system.
      The large-diameter impeller generates a high pressure and the grinding system
      grinds solids into small pieces, which can be drained without clogging the pipes.
      The pumps can be connected to pipes directly or to an auto-coupling system.
    • Working Conditions
      Liquid temperature:0-40°C
      Max immersion depth: 5m
    • Motor
      Frequency/Pole number: 50 Hz/2
      Insulation class: F
      Protection class: IPX8
      Bearing: Ball type
      Mechanical seal Double-end mechanical seals