Bidirectional Peripheral Pump

  • LBm

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    • Application
      Transfer water, wine, vinegar, juice and other non-aggressive liquids
      without sand or othersolid impurities.
      Bidirectional rotation:
      Motor equiped with a reverse switch to allow the pump rotate in two
      directions. Suction side can be used for delivery, delivery side can be used
      for suction.
      Pump liquids out and refill without moving pipes.
    • Pump
      Max. Liquid temperature: 35°C
      Max. ambient temperature: 40°C
      Max. Suction: 8m
      Equiped with reverse switch for bidirectional rotation
      AISI 304 Pump body & cover, brass impeller
      AISI304 welding shaft
    • Motor
      Built-in thermal protector
      Insulation class: F
      Protection class: IP 44
      220-240V/50Hz, n-2850
      S1 continuous duty