Stainless Steel Standard Centrifugal Pump

  • XZS

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    • Application
      Water supply: filtration and transfer at waterworks, regional water supply and pressure boosting in main pipe.
      Industrial pressure boosting: Water system, cleaning system.
      Industrial water supply: boiler feeding, cooling system, air conditioning, transportation of light acid and alkali liquid.
      Water treatment: distillation systems, separators, swimming pools.
      Agricultural irrigation, petrochemical industry, medicine and santation etc.
    • Operating Conditions
      Thin, clean, non-flammable and explosive, not containing the liquid.
      with solid particles and fibers.
      Liquid temperature: -15°C +80°C.
      Flow range: 0.7-132 m³/h.
      Head range: 9-58 m.
      Ambient temperature range: -15°C- +40°C.
      Max. operation: 10 bar.
      Altitude: up to 1000 m.
      Liquid PH valve: 3-9.
      Max.ambient temperature: +40°C.
    • Motor
      IE 2 motor (IE 3 motor optional).
      Totally enclosed & fan-cooled.
      Protection class: IP55.
      Insulation class: F.
    • Ambient Temperature
      Max. Ambient temperature:+400C.Ambient temperature
      above40°C,or installation at altitude of more than 1000m
      above sea level, require the use of an oversize motor.
      Because of low air density and poor cooling effects, the
      motor output power P2 will be decreased. See the picture.
      For example, when the pump is installed at altitude of more
      than 3500 m above sea level,P2 will be decrease to 88%
      When the ambient temperature is700C,P2 will be decreased to 78%