Vertical In-line Pump

  • LPP

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    • Application
      HVAC: Circulation of hot water, boiler mix-flow, temperature mix-flow,
      intermittent heat supply, etc.
      Air conditioning system: Cooling water circulation.
      Water supply system: Filtration and transfer at waterworks;
      Pressure boosting in main pipe.
      Industrial applications: Washing& cleaning systems, boiler feeding,
      cooling water circulation, water treatment systems, and auxiliary
      Fire-fighting system.
    • Pump
      Flow: up to 760 m3/h
      Head: up to 85 m
      Power range: 0.37 -132 kW
      Liquid temperature:0°C-+90°C
      Max ambient temperature:+ 40°C
      Max operation pressure: 16 bar
      Altitude: up to 1000 m
    • Motor
      Closed construction
      Insulation class:F
      Protection class: IP 55
      IE 2 motor as standard.IE 3 motor is available on request
    • Flange
      EN 1092 and DIN 2576 standard
    • Ambient Temperature
      Max. Ambient temperature:+40°C.Ambient temperature above40°C,or
      installation at altitude of more than 1000 m above sea level, require the
      use of an oversize motor. Because of low air density and poor cooling
      effects, the motor output power P2 will be decreased. See the picture.
      For example, when the pump is installed at altitude of more than 3500 m
      above sea level,P2 will be decrease to 88%.when the ambient
      temperature is 70°C,P2 will be decreased to 78%.