Commercial Pump

  • BSP

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    • General
      The series of intelligent pressure boosting system BWS-HY is
      developed based on PDI control technology, to control the pump
      pressure within a certain range according to the water consumption
      with features of complete functions, reliable quality, stable operation
      and easy maintenance.
    • About BWS
      BWS, the abbreviation of Building Water System or Best Water
      System, implies the LEO’s ambition to build up the image of best
      quality product range for water supply system in the market.
      BWS series includes WG Non-negative Water Supply System, wX
      Water Non-negative Supply System, HY Constant Water Supply
      System and ZY Boosting Water Supply System. Together with WQ
      sewage pumps, XBD firefighting pumps, LPP in-line pumps and LEN
      end suction pumps, we have full range to satisfy the applications of
      secondary water supply, drainage, fire-fighting and HVAC.
    • Product Composition
      The complete device is composed from a pump unit, a pressure tank,
      a pressure sensor, PDI and accessories. If necessary, auxiliary pumps
      or pressure tanks can be added in the device.
  • Control Box

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    • PID Control Box
      The key control part of the water supply system. The inverter,
      circuit breaker, relay, contactor, alarm device, signal indicator
      and remote monitoring device are integrated with reasonable
      layout inside the control box.
  • SWP

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    • Applications
      Used In pressure sewage system.
      Drainage of wastewater from individual residences,
      apartment buildings, recreational developments, models.
      Transferring wastewater of commercial buildings,industrial plants,
      wastewater sampling, small hospitals.
      Schools, federal, state and local parks, wastewater drainage.
      To transfer various wastewater and sewage.
    • Features
      The pump has a semi-open impeller design with a reliable grinding system.
      The large-diameter impeller generates a high pressure and the grinding system
      grinds solids into small pieces, which can be drained without clogging the pipes.
      The pumps can be connected to pipes directly or to an auto-coupling system.
    • Working Conditions
      Liquid temperature:0-40°C
      Max immersion depth: 5m
    • Motor
      Frequency/Pole number: 50 Hz/2
      Insulation class: F
      Protection class: IPX8
      Bearing: Ball type
      Mechanical seal Double-end mechanical seals
  • KBZ

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    • Application
      Civil engineering
      Mines,quarries,Coal ore & slurries
      Sewage treatment plants
      General pumping purposes
    • Pump
      Max.liquid temperature:+ 40oC
      Flow: up to 60 m3/h
      Head:up to 57 m-Power: 1.5 kW (2 HP) to 15kW (20 HP)
      Max。Immersion depth:25m
      Optional cable length
    • Motor
      Copper winding
      Insulation class:B
      Protection class: IP68